13 Roads to Bat

 First announced in August 2019, 13 Roads To Bat was to be the follow up to Braver Than We Are, and the 13th (or 14th, depending on how you look at it) studio album by Meat Loaf. Part of the track listing was revealed on an interview that I cannot, for the life of me find. 

-What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most
Meat had previously stated that he wished to record this as a single in 2017 but it was tied up with complications due its use in Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical. The song was first written by Jim Steinman around 2000 for use in Batman - The Musical.

-Sun In Your Eyes
In the interview, Meat went on to say that Jim had a CD of this song on piano, an unheard version. Likely a demo recorded in the 90's, as there is one version from 1970 that is commonly available. The song was first written near the end of 1969 for use in a possible cast album of The Dream Engine. The full name of the song is "You've Gotta Love Me With The Sun In You Eyes (Until The Day That You Go Blind)".

It's unknown if this album would follow the previous 3 Bat albums as Bat Out Of Hell IV - 13 Roads To Bat, but the release of this album seems unlikely, and is possibly another scrapped project from Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman. The death of Steinman in April likely complicated matters, but hope has been sparked by Meat Loaf's seemingly recovered voice on his recent Huckabee appearance, sounding similar to his touring voice from around 2011-2012. 

On a statement on Facebook in late August 2019 Meat Loaf detailed how the album would follow several different themes, with the 13 previous albums leading to this, the true finale. The 13 Roads that led to Bat. As of October 2021, the fate of the project is unknown, and personally to me it seems unlikely the album would ever happen, but if it did, my track listing would be this.

1. A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (Version written in early 1988, recorded by Gina Taylor)
2. Stark Raving Love (A new modern approach to this classic song, with the healed Loaf)
3. Sun In Your Eyes
4. It Hurts, Only When I Feel (A fresh re-recording of the full 9 minute medley)
5. Not Allowed To Love
6. What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most?
7. Hear The Screams (A new modern approach to this Dream Engine finale, that runs as a medley into the next song, creating an epic 12 minute finale)
8. Graveyard Shift (Altered lyrics, and a slightly different arrangement to fit Meat Loaf's style, the grand finale to this peach of an album...)

One can dream on, huh.