Updates :p

Hey everyone, sorry for my inactivity thus far in the new year - I've been very busy working on unrelated things. As you can see, I have resurrected the lost bootleg review page once on the site until 2021, it remains in the unfinished state it was then and looks slightly buggy as I had to use an archived version of the site to access it - but it should do for now until I am able to review all the bootlegs properly, read the disclaimer on the page. If ever there are any shows you want me to post or to send to you or have anything you think may be rare, please do not hesitate to email me at - I pledge that this year I shall be resuming my progress in the community at sharing every known Meat Loaf performance to date. I have also updated the tour date list which you can find on the pages tab at the side also. Happy Easter as well to those who celebrate :) -MLBF