Upcoming Videos with Song Listings

  All these videos will come out in January The Dream Engine Live 1969 (Restored & Upgraded) This is just the song list, not the scene list 1. Come In The Night 2. Who Needs The Young? 3. Come Home Child / Love Song 4. Firebird 5. Ride A Cock Horse 6. The God Game 7. The Want Ad 8. When Your City Is Burning 9. Pyro 10. Come In The Night (Reprise) 11. Entr'acte 12. Keep On Truckin' 13. Mother River Song 14. Hear The Screams 15. The Revolution In Music The Dream Engine Warner Bros Live Audition 1970 (Restored & Upgraded) 1. Come In The Night 2. Mother River Song 3. You've Got To Love Me With The Sun In Your Eyes 4. Ride A Cock Horse 5. Who Needs The Young? 6. City Night 7. When Your City Is Burning 8. Pyro 9. Keep On Truckin' 10. Hear The Screams The Dream Engine Michael Kamen Session 1972 (Restored & Upgraded) 1. Heaven Can Wait [Jim Vocals] 2. Train Of Love [Brian Vocals] 3. Who Needs The Young?  4. Heaven Can Wait [Bette Vocals] 5. Train Of Love [Jim Vocals