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There are many Meat Loaf and related fan communities on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and even individual forums where you can participate with over Loafites.  If you know of any other Meat Loaf fan sites or groups or the likes just email me here.

Mad About Meat Loaf (Link)
Mad About Meat Loaf Marketplace (Link)
The Meat Loaf & Jim Steinman Fan Group (Link)
Meat Loaf Forever (Link)
Jim Steinman's Rockman Philharmonic Deep End Discussion Group (Link)
Meat Loaf Live Recording Junkies (Link)
A Dedication To Meat Loaf (Link)
Meat Loaf Never Ever Stop Rockin' (Link)
Jim Steinman Forever (Link)
Crazy About Meat Loaf (Link)
Meat Loaf Born To Rock (Link)
Meat Loaf Fan Community (Link)
Mad About Meat Loaf Uncensored (Link)

MLBFCollection (Link)
Wario Loaf (Link)
MLConcerts (Link)
The Historian (Link)
Meat Loaf's Official Channel (Link)
Paul Crook's / Crooked Ltd. Official Channel (Link)
BetaGems (Link
1967ngre (Link)
gingerthebigcat (Link)
TheHungryPony (Link)
Neverland Express Fan Page (Link)
The Meat Loaf Online Collection (Link)

Meat Loaf UK Fanclub (Link)
Meat Loaf's Official Site (Link)
Meat Loaf / Jim Steinman Encyclopedia (Link)
Neverland Hotel (Link)
Meat Loaf Subreddit (Link)
Kasiminfo (Archived Link)
Fuzzi's Bootleg Site (Link)
Fuzzi's Single Site (Link)
Republic of Loafdom (Link)
Carpe Jugulum (Link)
VK Fan Group (Link)
Meat Loaf Experience (Archived Link)
Ted's Trading Site (Oldest Version)
Ted's Meat Loaf Trading Site (Old Version)
Ted's Meat Loaf Trading Site (Newer Version)

Bob Kulick (R.I.P.)'s Official Site (Link)
Bruce Kulick's Official Site (Link)
Jim Steinman's Official Site (Link)
Jim Steinman Subreddit (Link)
Jim Steinman's Old Blog (Link)
Jim Steinman Discord (Invite Link)
Ellen Foley's Official Site (Link)
Karla DeVito's Official Site (Link)
Paul Glanz (Gene)'s Official Site (Link)
Davey Johnstone's Official Page (Link)

UPCOMING MLBF VIDEOS (in no particular order)

  • Bat Out Of Hell Solo Evolution (1975-2019) SEVERAL PARTS, PART 3 IN THE WORKS!
  • Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad Solo Evolution (1977-2016)
  • Bat Out Of Hell High Note Evolution REDUX (1975-2016)
  • Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad Ending Evolution REDUX (1976-2016)
  • Who Sung Paradise The Best? REDUX (1975-2019)
  • Bat Out Of Hell Intro Evolution (1975-2019)
  • All Revved Up Intro Evolution (1975-2019)
  • Bad Attitude RCA Remixes (1985)
  • Meat Loaf Vocal Evolution REDUX (1968-2019)
  • Meat Loaf Live At The Wiltern Theatre (2012)
  • Meat Loaf Live At The Glasgow Apollo (1984)
  • Meat Loaf Live At The Edinburgh Playhouse (1985)
  • Who Sung Dead Ringer The Best? (1980-2016)
  • Who Sung Anything For Love The Best? (1992ish-2016)
  • All Revved Up, Through The Years (1977-2016)
  • Meat Loaf Live In Slagharen, Audience-Soundboard Matrix / Mashup (1989/2020)
BOLD means the video is a BIG PROJECT, that will take a w h i l e to come out...!

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