Under Construction

 The full site will be available by 2022, featuring a comprehensive tour date list of Meat Loaf's many shows, as well as a full lineup history of The Neverland Express. This site ran briefly in 2020 as the ultimate site for fans of the Meat Loaf bootleg scene, and this will be restored eventually.

This site is currently the home of "The Dead Ringer Collection", created in 2020 and released in 2021 by Jack Stevens and Sina Jakelíc, the fan made free project aims to create a comprehensive remastered digital box set for the underrated and underappreciated masterpiece that was the 1981 release "Dead Ringer" for it's upcoming 40th anniversary.

The project has a page on the site, featuring teaser clips, trailers, previews, and a download link on Mega, to the collection. More info on the collection is available on it's page.